Is a powerful and complete cloud solution, that allow in real time manage centralized information, this will help faster decision-making process, looking for a safe and efficient mobility in your company, additionally enhance the communication with your drivers.

Document management

Centralize and manage documentation of both (vehicles/drivers) avoiding future penalties.

Maintenance management

Easy management to maintenance vehicle periods. We help you to have a safe fleet.

Incident management

Record the fleet events, analyze them and avoid future incidents.

Check lists

Make them in a prevention real tool. Operation Paperless 100%.

Inventory and requests

Keep the control of your vehicles inventory and manage all driver’s supplies and consumables requests.

Expenses and fuel

Easy fleet expenses recorded, customize it according to your needs. We help you to have information and make decision process easier.

SIMIT & RUNT mass validation

We verify transit penalties and driver’s status also vehicles documentation such as license and insurance policy. This service is only available in Colombia.



  • Operation paperless 100%.
  • Reduce up to 20% on fleet management activities.
  • Centralized information and 100% available.
  • Different reports available in just one click.
  • Easy visualization of vehicles and drivers’ documentation expiration.
  • Some mobile application features are available without internet connection.
  • Geolocation available for fleet events or incidents.
  • All modules enabled to customize your business rules.
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